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Candy AI is an AI Chatbot Platform platform that allows you to Create AI Girlfriend and customize it according to your preferences. Using advanced AI, Candy AI provides a realistic and fantasy-fueled relationship experience. 

You can shape your AI girlfriend’s appearance, personality, and behaviors to suit your desires, Whether you seek a realistic or anime-inspired character. It brings your dream companion to life by focusing on customization, engagement, and lifelike interactions.

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Key Features:

  • AI-Powered Customization: Design your AI girlfriend’s look, body type, and personality.
  • Interactive Experience: Chat and interact with your AI companion as if she were a real person.
  • Photo Requests: Ask your AI girlfriend for specific poses and photos.
  • Variety of Models: Choose from realistic and anime-style models, including phone call options.
  • Explore AI Characters: Choose from a variety of realistic or anime-inspired characters to create your ideal companion.


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How It Works:

Candy AI provides a simple and intuitive AI Chatbot. Start creating an AI Girlfriend by selecting desired characteristics in just 3 steps: 

  1. Customize Your AI Girlfriend: Choose your AI girlfriend’s body type, personality, and outfit. You can even opt for multiple characters for a polyamorous setup.
  2. Interact and Chat: Engage in conversations with your AI girlfriend, from romantic messages to spicy talk, depending on your mood.
  3. Experience Your Fantasy: Request specific poses, clothes, and settings to match your fantasies.


Can be Used For:

  • Personal Entertainment: Enjoy virtual companionship and chat with your AI girlfriend whenever you desire.
  • Fantasy Fulfillment: It allows you to fulfill your fantasies and desires by exploring different situations and scenarios.
  • Deep Conversations: Engage in meaningful and insightful conversations with your AI Girlfriend, exploring various topics and interests. provides a personalized and interactive experience, allowing you to create and engage with your dream AI girlfriend. The platform brings your fantasies to life, giving you full control over your AI companion’s appearance and personality. Whether you’re looking for a romantic chat or a more adventurous interaction, Candy AI fulfills your desires.


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