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Freemium is an innovative AI tool for Colorizing Photos. It allows you to transform your images with realistic and vibrant colors. With a wide range of color filters, you can enhance your photos and bring them to life in just a few simple steps.

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Key Features:

  • Color Filters: Access 21+ unique color filters to apply different styles and moods to your photos.
  • Realistic Colors: Experience lifelike and vibrant colors that enhance the visual appeal of your images.
  • Easy Transformation: Upload your photo, select a filter, and done! The AI will transform with stunning colors within minutes.

How It Works:

  • Upload Your Photo: Upload your photo using the “Upload image” button or drag and drop multiple images onto the platform.
  • Pick a Filter: Browse through various color filter options such as Light, Flowers, Interior, History, and Clothes, and choose the one that best suits your preference.
  • Download or Edit: Once you’ve applied the desired filter, you can download the colorized photo or further customize the colors by adjusting the keywords associated with the filter.


Use Cases:

  • Photography Enthusiasts: Beginners and professional photographers can use to add artistic flair and depth to their photos to enhance their visual appeal.
  • Social Media Users: Individuals can colorize their photos to create eye-catching content for social media platforms to attract user attention.
  • Designers and Creatives: Designers and creatives can utilize to experiment with different color schemes and styles for their projects.


Palette FM offers an easy and pleasant experience for users to colorize their photos with vibrant and realistic colors. With its easy-to-use interface and diverse color filters, you can transform your moments into visually stunning images.


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