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11Sight offers an AI-powered, omnichannel, hyper-efficient Pipeline generation platform that helps you convert more leads through high-value conversations. This innovative solution simplifies inbound processes, enhances revenue, and maximizes CRM efficiency.

Top Features:

  • AI Chatbot for Lead Capture: 11 Sight AI Chatbot captures and qualifies leads, identifying those with high buying intent and escalating them to the team for live conversations.
  • Handoff with Lead Information: During the handoff, it provides comprehensive lead information, meeting context and goals, and offers smooth transitions for the team.
  • CRM Integration and Meeting Tools: Your team gains access to your CRM and all necessary tools within the meeting platform.
  • Automated CRM Updates: 11Sight AI updates your CRM with meeting summaries, reduces manual data entry, and improves CRM hygiene.

How it Works:

The AI Chatbot engages with website visitors, identifies high-intent leads, and routes them to your team for live conversations. It can be integrated with CRM and meeting tools for comprehensive follow-up.


Use Cases:

  • Marketing: Streamline lead qualification and connect with high-value prospects instantly, maximizing sales opportunities and minimizing busy work.
  • Sales: Improve sales by engaging with qualified leads in real time, preventing churn.
  • Customer Success: Enhance customer experiences with timely assistance and conversations, driving retention and revenue growth.
  • Revenue Operations: Optimize revenue operations by reducing lead response times, improving lead routing, and maximizing CRM efficiency.


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Trend AI Tools

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