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Creatify AI is the ultimate solution to create short video ads for Marketing that transform a simple product link or text description into high-quality videos for marketing.

Whether you enter a product link or upload visuals and descriptions, Creatify takes care of the entire process and makes the video ad creation process easy.

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Key Features:

  • AI-Powered Script Generator: Creatify’s AI analyzes your product listing and generates script and video previews without manual scripting.
  • One-Click Output Rendering: Achieve quick and hassle-free results with a simple click, rendering the final video for immediate marketing use.
  • Unlimited Variations: Enjoy endless possibilities with Creatify. It produces an array of video variations to suit different marketing needs.
  • Voice and Avatar Customization: Customize the voice, avatar, and other elements to align the generated content with your brand’s unique style and tone.
  • Vast Library of Stock Footage: Access a rich library featuring millions of high-quality stock footage options to enhance the visual appeal to create marketing videos.
  • Media & Descriptions from the Link:  Creatify intelligently sources media and descriptions directly from the provided link, streamlining the content creation process.
  • Video Editor with Customizations: Utilize Creatify powerful video editor to make additional customizations, ensuring the final output meets your specific marketing requirements.


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How Creatify Works:

  • Generate Videos for Marketing With Product URL: Paste a link to your product and allow it to gather necessary information.
  • Select the Best Script: Choose the script that best suits your marketing goals.
  • Customize Voice, Avatar, and Elements: Personalize the generated content by customizing voice, avatar, and other elements.
  • Hit “Render”: With customization complete, hit “render” to generate the final video for marketing use.


Creatify offers a revolutionary approach to create videos ad, combining AI efficiency with user-friendly customization.


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