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Banter AI

Connect with Experts and Celebrities for Personalized Conversations

BanterAI, is a dynamic online service offering users access to a diverse catalogue of over 100 world-class experts and celebrities, providing expert advice and engaging conversations.

Users can immerse themselves in a vibrant community, unlocking unlimited access to all avatars for a full year. With mobile chat and calling features, users can seamlessly connect with their favorite influencers, engaging in realistic AI-driven conversations.

Key Features:

  • Wide Expert Catalogue: Access over 100 world class experts and celebrities for personalized interactions.
  • Community Engagement: Join a thriving community for shared experiences and connections.
  • Unlimited Avatar Access: Enjoy unlimited access to all avatars for a year-long immersive experience.
  • Mobile Chat and Calling: Seamlessly connect through mobile platforms for convenient interactions.
  • AI Voice Calls with Celebrities: Engage in realistic AI-driven conversations with your favorite influencers.

Use Cases:

  • Expert Advice and Conversations: Seek advice and engage in meaningful conversations with renowned experts.
  • Community Building: Join a community for shared experiences and networking opportunities.
  • Personalized Interactions: Immerse yourself in a year-long experience with unlimited avatar access.
  • Realistic AI Conversations: Connect with celebrities through AI-driven voice calls for a unique and engaging experience.


Pricing of Banter AI

  • Right now, you can try out three sample bots for free. If you clone a new bot and talk to it, you’ll be charged $0.2/min.


*Note – For More details Kindly Visit to the website, as the Price may vary over the time.

Banter AI offers a platform where users can monetize their personalities by creating AI voice bots, with a diverse influencer base, a thriving community, and millions of total voice calls.


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