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Your AI Virtual Employee for Seamless Business Support

MeetCody, anw innovative AI-powered virtual employee, excels in supporting businesses across multiple tasks. From answering queries to onboarding new hires and troubleshooting, Cody streamlines operations, providing quick insights and driving efficiency.

By searching through a company’s data repository, Cody delivers prompt and accurate responses, making it an invaluable asset for various business functions.

Key Features:

  • Intelligent Data Search: Cody swiftly searches through articles, PowerPoints, and PDFs for rapid answers.
  • Task Automation: Streamline business processes by training Cody to execute specific tasks.
  • Quick Troubleshooting: Resolve issues promptly, ensuring smooth workflow.
  • Ideation and Insights: Tap into Cody’s capabilities for brainstorming new ideas and gaining insights.

Possible Use Cases:

  • Efficient Q&A Support: Leverage Cody for instant and accurate responses to queries.
  • Task Automation: Improve task completion times with Cody’s efficient automation.
  • Troubleshooting Expert: Rely on Cody for quick issue resolution, enhancing operational efficiency.


Pricing of Cody

Basic – $29/mo

  • 2,500 Credits
  • GPT 3.5 16K
  • 3 Users
  • 3 Bots
  • 1,000 Documents
  • Embed Website Widget
  • Customize Website Widget
  • API

Premium – $99/mo

  • 10,000 Credits
  • GPT 3.5 16K
  • GPT 4
  • 15 Users
  • 15 Bots
  • 10,000 Documents
  • 10,000 Website Pages
  • Website Crawler
  • Embed Website Widget (3 Websites)
  • Customize Website Widget
  • Remove Cody Branding on Widget
  • API

Advanced – $249/mo

  • 25,000 Credits
  • GPT 3.5 16K
  • GPT 4
  • 50 Users
  • 50 Bots
  • 25,000 Documents
  • 25,000 Website Pages
  • Website Crawler
  • Embed Website Widget (50 Websites)
  • Customize Website Widget
  • Remove Cody Branding on Widget
  • API


*Note – For More details Kindly Visit to the website, as the Price may vary over the time.

Cody stands as a reliable AI virtual employee, contributing to business productivity by providing seamless support and accelerating various processes.


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