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Converse is your personal reading companion with the ability to save web articles, PDFs, and YouTube videos. Converse AI allows you to engage with content more efficiently through summarization, chat functionality, and social sharing.

Top Features:


1 – TLDR & Detailed Summaries:

  • Find Essence: Quickly find the essence of articles with executive summaries.
  • Save Time: Reduce reading and watching time by up to 80% with detailed summaries.


2 – Intuitive Document Chat:

  • Engage in intuitive chats with your saved PDFs, web articles, and YouTube videos.
  • Receive precise answers to your questions, cited with source references.


3 – Library & Collections:

  • Permanently store web articles and upload PDFs in your library.
  • Categorize articles into separate collections for better organization.


4 – Social Sharing & Interaction:

  • Share your saved articles and interactions with friends and your social network.


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Use Cases:

  • Efficient Reading: Ideal for individuals seeking to comprehend content faster and more effectively.
  • Research and Reference: Perfect for users conducting research, allowing them to save, categorize, and chat about relevant documents.
  • Collaborative Learning: Enables social sharing and interaction, making it a valuable tool for collaborative learning and knowledge exchange.


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