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Flot AI is an advanced AI copilot that integrates into your workflow, powered by ChatGPT and GPT-4. It allows you to write, improve, paraphrase, explain, summarize, translate, or reply to any text.

It also provides outstanding support across various applications and websites and offers flexibility, innovation, and expert assistance, making it a valuable tool for professionals seeking improved productivity.

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Key Features:

  • Universal Flexibility:
    • Functionality across apps, browsers, email clients, and document tools.
    • Innovative design ensures effortless use anywhere on your desktop.
  • Powered by GPT-4:
    • Leveraging the cutting-edge GPT-4 model for advanced AI capabilities.
  • Creative Ideation:
    • Boost your creative process with as your brainstorming partner.
    • Receive innovative ideas and solutions to enhance content creation.
  • Grammar Perfection:
    • AI-driven grammar corrections for error-free and polished content.


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Possible Use Cases:

  • Content Composition:
    • Efficiently compose content for various purposes with AI assistance.
    • Generate summaries or write emails.
  • Effortless Multilingual Support:
    • Engage with in over 200 languages.
    • Receive localized answers and seamlessly integrate with documents, apps, and websites.
  • Prompt Optimization:
    • Access expertly crafted prompts for maximum AI potential.
    • Improve efficiency and creativity with tested prompts.


Overall, is your AI copilot with universal flexibility, advanced AI capabilities, and creative ideation support, Enhance your workflow and achieve optimal results.


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