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Furwee is your child’s ultimate Learning AI Tool powered by ChatGPT. It assists children in expanding their vocabulary, enhancing reading skills, and boosting emotional intelligence. 

Furwee AI can complete homework for you, available in 9 global languages (English, Spanish, Korean, Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese, German, and Portuguese)

More importantly, it speaks your child’s language, adapting to fit their unique learning curve. It transforms learning and homework time into an engaging, interactive experience. Furwee is the companion every parent needs. 

Key Features:

  • Converse and Learn: Engage in interactive dialogues that teach children valuable skills and knowledge.
  • Mastering the Unknown: AI provides accurate answers to even the most complex topics, ensuring children receive the proper guidance.
  • Can Do Homework: Turn homework time into a fun experience with an engaging interface children love.
  • Maximize Every Minute: Streamline study sessions for efficiency and productivity.

How It Works:

Furwee uses advanced AI technology to assist children with their learning needs. Kids can ask questions, receive answers, and engage in conversations that help them master various topics in 9 global languages.


Use Cases:

  • Homework Help: Assists children in completing their homework by providing answers and explanations.
  • Vocabulary Expansion: Introduces new words and phrases in every conversation to boost vocabulary.
  • Grammar and Phonetics: Helps children visualize sentences and understand grammar and phonetics.
  • Early Learning: Furwee supports pre-K children through visual learning and interactive dialogues.
  • Social Skills Development: Promotes the development of vital social skills through interactive dialogues.


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