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Harpa, is your AI Automation Agent for Chrome, allows you to interact with websites, PDFs, videos, email reply, content creation, and automates diverse workflows.

Harpa AI stands out as a top-notch AI assistant, offering a range of functionalities powered by a hybrid AI engine, integrating OpenAI GPT-3, GPT-4 API, Claude2, and Google Bard.

Key Features:

  • Best-in-Class AI Assistance: It is used to create SMM content plans, Create Midjourney prompts, reply to emails, research SEO keywords, generate blogs, read the articles, translate and scan web pages, Monitor prices & data, SERP pages, create content and more.
  • YouTube Summarizer: Extract key insights from videos effortlessly with a single click.
  • Web-Aware Commands: Harness over 100 web and page-aware prompts to refine your LinkedIn resume, practice languages, generate SMM hashtags, or write code.
  • Marketing & SEO: E-Commerce, Copywriting, Learning, Recruiting, Productivity, This AI tool helps you in various domains.
  • Unique Writing Style: Generate emails, tweet replies, LinkedIn cover letters, and SEO optimized articles with unlimited length, all while mimicking your unique writing style.
  • Write Long Articles: Generate extensive articles exceeding 25,000 words, refining and adding keywords at each step.
  • Chat with PDF & Websites: Save time reading by letting Harpa scan web pages, PDFs, YouTube videos, and extract information instantly.
  • Midjourney Wizard: Effortlessly create highly detailed prompts in various styles with a single click, supported by 30+ templates..
  • Automate Your Work: Build AI-powered web automations that navigate websites, extract data, perform clicks, type elements, and seamlessly integrate with Zapier.

Use Cases:

  • Marketing & SEO: Refine your marketing strategies and enhance SEO efforts.
  • Copywriting: Efficiently generate engaging and impactful copy.
  • Learning: Facilitate language practice and skill development.
  • Recruiting: Streamline recruiting processes for increased efficiency.
  • Productivity: Boost overall productivity with AI-driven automations.


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