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Interior AI provides a solution for Redesigning Your Interior using advanced AI. Simply take a photo of your current space and let Interior AI work its magic. You can choose from various interior styles, including Modern, Minimalist, and Contemporary. In addition, its innovative Sketch2Image feature can transform sketches and SketchUp files into stunning photorealistic renders.

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Interior AI Features:

  • Redesign Easily:┬áTake a photo and let AI quickly redesign your interior, providing a realistic visualization.
  • Interior Style Selection:┬áChoose from various interior styles, including Modern, Minimalist, and Contemporary, to suit your preferences.
  • Sketch2Image Technology:┬áTransform sketches and SketchUp files into photorealistic renders, enabling accurate and detailed design visualization.
  • SketchUp Rendering:┬áConvert basic SketchUp wireframes or 3D renders into high-resolution photorealistic images easily.
  • 3D Flythrough Creation:┬áTurn AI interior designs into immersive 3D flythrough videos, providing a virtual reality-like experience for showcasing designs.
  • Stable Video Diffusion Integration:┬áCollaborate with Stable Video Diffusion to transform images into dynamic video clips and enhance presentation capabilities.

How It Works:

Upload a photo of your interior space or SketchUp file to Interior AI, select your desired interior style, and let the AI algorithms generate photorealistic renders or 3D flythrough videos in minutes.


Comparison with Competitors:

Interior AI outperforms other interior design apps by accurately furnishing empty rooms with natural furniture for superior performance and realistic visualization capabilities. These features position Interior AI as a top choice for interior designers, homeowners, and professionals seeking efficient and realistic interior redesign and visualization solutions.


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