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Jenni AI, is the ultimate companion for supercharging research papers, this powerful platform is specially designed to enhance your research and paper creation journey.

From AI autocomplete to in-text citations in various styles, paraphrasing, and customized content generation, Jenni AI empowers you throughout the research and writing process.

Key Features:

  • Write, Cite, and Edit: Improve writing and research capabilities effortlessly.
  • AI Autocomplete: Overcome writer’s block with AI-powered suggestions.
  • In-text Citations: Easily cite in APA, MLA, IEEE, or Harvard style.
  • Paraphrase & Rewrite: Customize text tone with seamless paraphrasing.
  • Generate From Your Files: Bring your research papers to life with source-based generation.
  • Chat to Your PDFs: Quickly understand and summarize papers with the help of AI chat assistant.
  • Outline Builder: Receive section headings ready for expansion.
  • Custom Styles & Tones: Tailor your writing style from academic to persuasive.
  • Research Library: Efficiently save and manage research for easy citation.

Use Cases:

  • Seamlessly create research papers and refine it.
  • Overcome writer’s block with AI suggestions.
  • Streamline citation processes in various styles.
  • Tailor your writing style effortlessly.
  • Efficiently manage and cite research materials.


Jenni AI is your comprehensive research and writing partner, providing a features to make your next research paper.

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