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Knit, is the Professional Prompt Editors including cutting edge gpt-4-turbo/vision, gemini-pro, and more models, along with function call simulation, it’s all-in-one AI prompt management tool.


  • Project Organization: Easily store, edit, and run your prompts within the organized structure.
  • Access Control: Enjoy different access control levels for each project member, fostering collaboration on prompts.
  • Image Prompt Editor: Support the latest gpt-4 vision preview model to generate images.
  • Conversation Prompt Editor: Engage in dynamic conversations with function calls, supported by the latest gpt-4-turbo claude-2 and more models.
  • Text Generation Prompt Editor: Facilitate one-time text generation with support for the latest gpt-3 turbo instruct, gpt-4 turbo claude-2, and more models.

What’s More:

  • Security: All sensitive data is encrypted using RSA-OAEP and AES-256-GCM, ensuring secure transmission and storage.
  • Version Control: Never lose any edits, it saves all edit history for easy restoration.
  • Models: Supports a variety of models, including those from OpenAI, Claude, Azure OpenAI, with plans for more in the future.
  • Control API Parameters: Adjust nearly all API parameters within the prompt editors to find the best settings for your prompts.
  • Instant Code Export: Generate code instantly, easily integrate the prompts into your application.


Knit ensures a seamless prompt designing experience, Control API parameters effortlessly, and export code instantly to integrate your prompts into your application.

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