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Create and publish all your web content seamlessly with Notice, you can create web blocks, Build FAQs, Create documentations, Create SEO friendly blog, job board page and more.

It’s No-code platforms Put your blocks as you want, it Provides a centralized platform to focus on what matters most.

Key Features:

  • Flexible Content Placement: Position your web blocks anywhere you desire, breaking free from the limitations imposed by no-code platforms.
  • Versatile Deployment Options: Choose from a range of deployment options, including your own subdomain, a standalone page, or integration within a specific section of your website.
  • Enhanced Block Features: Notice blocks offer SEO friendly content, cookie free analytics, auto translation into 100 languages, and an exceptional UI and UX.

What Notice Brings to the Web:

  • Collaborate seamlessly with a user-friendly editor designed to create content easily.
  • Auto translate content into 100+ languages, ensuring a global reach.
  • Deploy Notice on any platform, have the freedom to choose the hosting solution as you need.
  • Enjoy beautiful content UI that enhances the visual appeal of your web pages.


Build Anything with Notice:

  • Build FAQs: Build a comprehensive FAQ section for enhanced user guidance.
  • Wikis and Documentation: Create wikis and documentation for organized and accessible information.
  • SEO-Friendly Blog: Create blog with SEO-friendly content to maximize online visibility.
  • Job Board Pages: Build diverse web content, including job board pages and other engaging elements.



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