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Scade, is an AI-based platform offering over 1500 AI tools, It allows you to develop products and services, or optimize Sales & Marketing, and Finance all without coding.

This AI tool makes it as easy as creating a PowerPoint presentation, delivering results 10X faster and 3 times less expensive.

Key Features:

  • Over 1,500 AI Tools: Access a vast array of AI tools for various business needs, from development to marketing, sales, HR, finance, legal, and design.
  • B2B Competitive Edge: Gain a competitive edge in the B2B space with Scade Pro’s suite of AI tools, optimizing everything from marketing to sales with ease.
  • Startups Acceleration: Speed up development with it’s unified API/SDK, enabling rapid integration of AI and reducing time and costs.
  • Developer Enhancement: Enhance projects quickly using no-code platform and unified API.
  • Agencies & Integrators: Maximize earnings by offering marketing tools and campaigns with it’s AI, enhancing client operations with deep automation in CRM and ERP.

How this Works:

Scade AI brings business data to life through AI, enabling users to see, hear, and analyze information effortlessly.

Whether you’re a startup looking to accelerate development, a developer seeking to enhance projects, or an agency aiming to maximize earnings, It offers customizable AI solutions to meet your unique demands.

Use Cases:

  • Developers: Quickly deliver projects and integrate AI without coding, reducing development time.
  • Startups: Unlock rapid development and reduce time-to-market with it’s unified API/SDK.
  • Agencies: Maximize earnings by offering AI-driven marketing tools and campaigns to clients, enhancing operations with deep automation.


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Trend AI Tools

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