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Spotalike is a free music discovery platform that creates Spotify playlists with similar songs to your favorite tracks or artists. By simply entering a song or artist, Spotalike AI generates a playlist with similar songs that you will love.

Key Features:

  • Playlist Generation: Input a song or artist, and Spotalike creates a Spotify playlist with similar songs.
  • Music Discovery: Explore new songs and artists based on your existing favorites.
  • User-Friendly: Easy-to-use interface for quick and simple playlist creation.

How It Works:

  • Enter a Song or Artist: Provide the name of a song or artist you like.
  • Generate Playlist: Spotalike uses its algorithm to find and compile similar songs into a Spotify playlist.
  • Enjoy Your Playlist: Listen to and enjoy your custom playlist on Spotify.


Can be Used For:

  • Music Exploration: Discover new songs and artists that match your music taste.
  • Party Playlists: Create themed playlists based on a specific song or artist for parties or events.
  • Workout Motivation: Generate playlists with upbeat songs similar to your favorite workout tracks.
  • Relaxation: Find soothing songs similar to your preferred relaxing music for unwinding.


Spotalike is the perfect tool for music lovers who want to explore new songs and artists similar to their favorites. With just a song or artist input, you can generate a Spotify playlist that suits your music taste and keeps you entertained.


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