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Ssemble is an advanced Video Editor AI that creates engaging short videos from YouTube videos. With Ssemble, you can transform all your videos into high-quality shorts and increase viewership and followers while maximizing revenue potential. Ssemble helps you to go viral with just one click.

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Key Features:

  • Auto Caption: Automatically adds subtitles & emojis in shorts to enhance engagement for viewers.
  • AI Curation: Analyzes and compiles the highlights of your videos into potential viral shorts, saving you time and effort.
  • Face Tracking: Ensures the speaker’s face remains centered in the frame, optimizing visual appeal and viewer engagement.
  • Virality Score: Assigns a virality score to each short based on AI analysis of thousands of popular videos, helping you identify content with the highest potential for success.

How It Works:

  • Automated Creation: Ssemble AI analyzes your YouTube videos and automatically generates engaging shorts by selecting the most exciting moments.
  • One-Click Publishing: With just one click, you can publish high-quality shorts to your YouTube channel, expanding your reach and attracting new followers.
  • Refinement Tools: Ssemble offers powerful plugins that allow you to refine your shorts to your style. You can change or move scenes, add video, audio, text, and more to fine-tune your content.


More Tools To Refine Shorts:

  • Audio Cleaner: Remove background noise from videos without the need for expensive microphones.
  • GIPHY Integration: Refresh audience attention by adding appropriate meme videos when needed.
  • Freesound: Enhance key moments with trendy sound effects to captivate viewers.
  • AI Voiceover: Enrich your narratives with natural-sounding voices using AI Voiceover.


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Use Cases:

  • Audience Expansion: Reach a wider audience by consistently publishing engaging shorts derived from your existing YouTube content.
  • Channel Growth: Increase viewership, followers, and revenue potential by maximizing the impact of your videos through shorts.
  • Content Optimization: Identify the most exciting moments of your videos to create compelling shorts that resonate with your audience.
  • Viral Marketing: Leverage AI-driven virality scores to prioritize content creation efforts and increase the chance of your shorts going viral.


Ssemble helps content creators optimize their YouTube channels and maximize their reach with engaging shorts. By leveraging AI curation, auto-captioning, face tracking, and virality scoring, Ssemble streamlines the process of creating and publishing high-quality shorts to drive channel growth.


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