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Pika Labs introduces Video On Command, which allows you to bring your creative visions to life through AI-generated videos. You can easily create videos by giving text prompts.

Whether you’re a meme maker or a filmmaker, Pikalabs provides the tool to transform your ideas into stunning visuals, including 3D animation, anime, cartoon, and cinematic. With its intuitive interface and 3 unique creation methods, Pika Art offers unlimited options for creating video content.

Key Features:

  • Text To Video: Simply describe your scene in words, and Pika Labs will bring it to life with AI-generated visuals.
  • Image To Video: Transform your favorite photos, paintings, and drawings into immersive and moving scenes.
  • Video To Video: Enhance your existing videos by modifying the frame elements or changing the style.
  • Modify Region: Specify any changes you’d like to make, and Pika AI will incorporate them into the video frame.
  • Lip Sync: Bring characters to life by syncing their lips with the dialogue you provide.
  • Sound Effects: Add immersive sound effects to your videos, either by specifying the sound or letting Pika generate it automatically.
  • Expand Canvas: Expand your videos beyond the frame by creating expansive worlds.
  • Extend Video Length: Extend the duration of your video as needed, allowing you to tell your story without limitations.
  • Diverse Video Styles: Explore a range of video styles, including 3D animation, anime, cartoon, and cinematic, for creative expression.

How It Works:

  • Choose Your Creation Method: Select from text-to-video, image-to-video, or video-to-video creation methods based on your preferences and content.
  • Input Your Content: Provide the necessary input, whether it’s text descriptions, images, or existing videos.
  • Customize Your Video: Modify regions, sync lips, add sound effects, expand the canvas, and extend the video length to create the perfect visual narrative.
  • Review and Export: Preview your video to ensure it meets your expectations, then export it to share with the world.


Use Cases:

  • Content Creation: Create engaging videos for social media, marketing campaigns, educational purposes, and more.
  • Storytelling: Bring your stories and ideas to life through dynamic visuals and immersive narratives.
  • Entertainment: Create memes, short films, animated shorts, and other forms of entertainment that resonate with your audience.
  • Personal Projects: Document special moments, create artistic expressions, or experiment with new ideas.
  • Diverse Video Styles: Ideal for those looking to explore and experiment with various video styles to match different content needs.


Whether you’re a novice or an experienced creator, Pika.labs provides the tools and resources you need to unleash your imagination and produce compelling video content that captivates audiences worldwide. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Pika Labs provides the tools to unlock your creativity and create stunning video content that engages audiences globally.


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