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TutorEva is an Education Assistant AI Tool that provides complete solutions for college students to solve calculus, math, science, and various study subjects. Powered by AI, TutorEva provides detailed explanations and solutions to academic problems. 

Whether you need help with homework, preparing for exams, or writing essays, Eva AI offers a range of AI tools that will fulfill your academic needs. Simple Upload PDF & Images to solve the problem, and the AI will do it for you.

Key Features:

  • Study Mate for Campus: Provide detailed solutions and assistance in calculus, math, science, and other study subjects to college students.
  • AI Homework Help: Utilize Eva’s AI-powered homework solver to receive assistance with homework assignments and exam preparation. Upload PDFs or images to solve problems quickly.
  • Essay Writer: A smart writing tool that ensures your essays are safe from AI detection. Build, paraphrase, and cite effortlessly.
  • AI CourseMate: Integrate your course textbooks and documents to enhance your GPA and academic performance.
  • DocSolver: Upload your entire assignment and solve all questions with a single click, simplifying the homework process.

Knowledge Agent System (KAS): 

Powered by GPT4 and utilizing Knowledge Agents, Tutor Eva goes beyond traditional AI models to provide expert-level assistance in university subjects. With vivid and personalized explanations, TutorEva serves as an expert GPT and offers precise outcomes for academic inquiries.


Animated and Interactive AI Tutoring: 

Eva goes beyond traditional chatbots with animated and interactive AI tutoring sessions. Through colorful illustrations and explanations on a virtual whiteboard, Eva enhances the learning experience.


How It Works:

  • Study Mate for Campus: Access Eva assistance for various study subjects by interacting with the platform and submitting your academic inquiries.
  • AI Homework: Upload your homework assignments or exam questions in PDF or image format, and TutorEva will provide detailed solutions and explanations.
  • Essay Writer: Utilize Eva’s essay writing capabilities to compose and refine your essays, ensuring they are safe from AI detection.
  • AI CourseMate: Integrate your course textbooks and documents to receive personalized support.
  • DocSolver: Upload your assignment documents, and TutorEva will quickly solve all questions with just one click.


TutorEva provides AI-powered tools and features to support college students in their academic pursuits. Whether you need assistance with homework, essay writing, or exam preparation, Eva offers reliable solutions and personalized guidance to master.


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