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Visus is your ultimate solution to create your own ChatGPT AI, eliminating the need to sift through numerous documents. With Visus, simply pose a question, and receive instant, accurate answers.

Visus understands you like a friend, offering limitless knowledge stored from your documents, ease of training make Visus a powerful tool for tailored AI experiences.

Key Features:

  • Communicate with Visus as it understand natural language, simplifying the process of seeking information.
  • Store and access as many documents as needed, It has limitless knowledge base.
  • Responses are generated from your training material, you get accurate answer.
  • Customize parameters like sensitivity and accuracy through an intuitive interface.


Train The Visus in Just 3 Steps:

  1. Upload Documents – Easily upload the documents with just a few clicks, allowing Visus to organize and analyze them for quick access.
  2. Configure – Adjust parameters like sensitivity and accuracy using the user-friendly interface for precise results.
  3. Ask – Type your query, and let Visus search through your trained documents to provide accurate, relevant results.

Possible Use Cases:

  • Content Generation: Create engaging blog posts, social media captions, and marketing materials tailored to your brand.
  • Customer Inquiry Responses: Enhance customer support by using Visus to provide quick and accurate responses to common customer queries.
  • Market Research: Analyze market trends and extract valuable insights from industry reports.
  • Legal Assistance: Speed up legal document review processes by allowing Visus to provide summaries and relevant information.
  • Educational Resource: Create curated educational materials to extract key information from a variety of sources.


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