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AI Voice Detector is a cutting-edge tool that protects you from AI voice scams by determining whether the voice has been generated by AI or a real human. This AI tool helps you to verify the authenticity of audio messages and calls and is accessible through browser extension or website.

Top Features:

  • Voice Authentication: Ensure the accuracy of audio communications by accurately distinguishing between AI-generated and human voices.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Analyze audio messages and calls using the browser extension or by uploading audio files to the website.
  • High Accuracy: Achieve unparalleled accuracy in identifying AI-generated voices, surpassing other detection methods and platforms.
  • Background Noise Removal: Utilize the “AI Noise Remover” feature to remove background noise and enhance the accuracy of voice analysis.
  • API Integration: Easily integrate the API into your business systems to streamline the verification process for audio messages, calls, and meetings.

Use Cases:

  • Individuals: Protect yourself and your loved ones from AI voice scams by verifying the authenticity of voice messages.
  • Businesses: Safeguard your company from financial losses due to fraudulent activities by verifying the voices of important personnel and investors.
  • API Integration: Integrate the API into your business systems to automate voice analysis and enhance security protocols.


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