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FaceCheck.ID is an investigative Face Search Engine that allows you to recognize a person’s face by uploading photos. Whether you identify people from photos or background checks and detect false profiles on social media, FaceCheck ID provides a comprehensive solution.

Using proprietary AI technology, Face Check ID detects faces, measures similarity, and searches large datasets of people who look similar, with match quality scores ranging from 0 to 100.

Key Features:

  • Facial Recognition Technology: Face Check ID uses advanced facial recognition AI technology to compare uploaded photos with millions of faces from various sources.
  • Proprietary AI Technology: Utilizes advanced AI to detect faces and measure similarity.
  • Social Media and Web Presence: By uploading a photo of the person, you can search for social media profiles and appearances on blogs, videos, and news websites.
  • Match Score: The accuracy of the match is based on a 0 to 100 scale.
  • Extensive Search Capability: Searches social media, scammer databases, s*x offender registries, videos, mugshots, news articles, and blogs.
  • Privacy Protection: Helps verify identities and ensure personal safety.

How It Works:

  • Upload a Photo: Submit a photo of the person of interest.
  • Analyze the Face: FaceCheckID uses AI to detect and analyze facial features.
  • Search the Internet: The tool searches a vast database for matching or similar faces.
  • View Results: Receive links to webpages where the face appears, along with a match quality score.


Use Cases:

  • Social Media Verification: Identify and verify social media profiles of individuals.
  • Scammer Detection: Uncover romance scammers, catfish, and fake dating profiles.
  • Criminal Background Checks: Search for faces in mugshot databases, s*x offender registries, and news reports.
  • Business Safety: Verify the identities of potential business partners to avoid con artists.
  • Personal Safety: Ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones by verifying identities.


FaceCheck.ID is an essential tool for anyone seeking to verify identities and ensure personal safety. Whether you need to check social media profiles, detect scammers, or verify business associates, FaceCheck ID offers accurate and efficient face search capabilities. Protect yourself and your loved ones by verifying the potentially dangerous individuals.


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