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AI Hair Styles, is the hairstyle generator, you can try different hairstyles and colours by uploading single selfie, or up to four for diverse angles, you can transform your look in seconds.

This tool allows men and women to generate hairstyles and experiment with different colors and styles.


  • Easy Selfie Upload: Simply upload a single selfie or up to four for varied angles to create hairstyle transformation journey.
  • Hair Masking Magic: Mask your hair and the area around your face, granting the AI the freedom to envision various hairstyles, including long hair options.
  • Style Selection: Choose your preferred styles or try them all, Receive an email notification once your transformed looks are ready for exploration.
  • Single Selfie: No need for multiple photos in different poses, it works with just one selfie.
  • Privacy-First Approach: Rest easy with a privacy-first approach, Your uploaded images are automatically deleted after 30 days of inactivity, or you can also delete them at any time.

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