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AirOps, is the platform that provides a complete suite of tools to create Chat agent, Create workflows and Create apps integrated workflows with the latest AI models like GPT-4-turbo, DALLE-3, and Claude 2.

Custom chatbot can be trained based on your documents and data, bringing delightful ‘Notion AI’ style assistive experiences to your product in just hours, not days.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Integrated AI Models: Harness the power of advanced AI models like GPT-4-turbo, DALLE-3, and Claude 2.
  • Custom Chat Bots: Train bots on your documents and data, ensuring they update automatically.
  • Automated Processes: Connect LLMs, your data, third-party APIs, SaaS tools, and more for seamless automation.
  • Conversational Agents: chat agents that interact with existing systems, leveraging your data and other tools.
  • AirOps Tools and Workflows: Run them 10, 100, or even 1000’s of times via CSV or API.
  • Task-Specific AI Tools: Create tools for generating, classifying, and extracting, ideal for solo use or with chatagents.
  • Rapid Solution Deployment: Reach your version 1 solution in under 10 minutes, visually combining LLM prompts, your data, Python, Javascript, and external APIs effortlessly.
  • Memory Store Management: Enhance AirOps Apps with fully managed Memory Stores, ensuring quality with automated updates.
  • Integration & APIs: Bring AirOps to your team and customers through various integrations and APIs.
  • Flexible Deployment: Execute single or batch runs, deploy via REST API, frontend SDK, Snowflake function, Google Sheets, and more.

AirOps Pricing Page

With airops, the possibilities are endless, from swift solution creation to seamless deployment and integration.

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Trend AI Tools

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