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Animaker AI is a Video Generating Platform that allows you to create high-quality animated videos and live-action content. Animaker AI utilizes advanced technology to produce studio-quality video for professionals and non-designers. With various features ranging from animated explainer videos to marketing campaigns, Animaker AI meets your needs.

Key Features:

  • Create Character: Create billions of unique characters for your brand with Animaker AI’s intuitive character building tools.
  • Choose Unique Video Templates: Choose from a vast library of video templates to kickstart your video projects and streamline the creation process.
  • Comprehensive Video Editing Tools: Access over 25 video editing tools and features, including trimming, cropping, video effects control, and green screen editing to customize your videos.
  • Versatile User Base: Animaker AI is suitable for L&D teams, HR professionals, marketing and sales teams, internal communications departments, and individuals looking to create professional videos.

How It Works:

  • Select Template or Build from Scratch: Choose from various pre-designed templates or start from scratch to craft your unique video concept.
  • Customize Content: Personalize your video by adding text, images, characters, and animations using Animaker AI.
  • Edit and Enhance: Use comprehensive video editing tools to trim, crop, add effects, and fine-tune your video.
  • Export and Share: Once satisfied with your creation, export the video in your desired format and share it across various platforms.


Who Is It For?

  • L&D Teams: Enhance training materials and create engaging educational content.
  • HR Teams: Produce informative HR videos for employee onboarding and communication.
  • Marketing & Sales: Develop compelling marketing videos and sales presentations to captivate audiences.
  • Internal Comms: Facilitate internal communication with visually appealing videos.
  • Everyone Else: Whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or content creator, Animaker AI offers valuable tools for creating captivating videos.


Resources Available For:

  • Animaker Blog: Access informative articles and guides to enhance your journey with Animaker.
  • Animaker Hub: Explore Animaker’s Knowledge Hub for valuable insights into video marketing strategies.
  • Tips and Hacks: Access valuable tips and hacks from Animaker’s Instagram feed.
  • Animaker Tutorials: Access exclusive tutorials on Animaker’s YouTube channel to master video creation techniques.
  • Animaker Case Studies: Learn how Animaker Enterprise has transformed organizations worldwide through real-world case studies.
  • Animaker Webinar: Attend product webinars hosted by experts to become a certified video maker with Animaker AI.


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