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Auris AI

Auris AI is an online tool that offers free AI-Generated Transcripts and subtitles. You can easily transcribe audio into text and add captions to videos.

Key Features:

  • Transcription: Convert audio files to text format.
  • Subtitle: Add captions to videos for enhanced accessibility and engagement.
  • Multilingual Support: Auris AI supports over 27 languages worldwide, including English, German, Dutch, Italian, Thai, and more.

Tools Available:

  • Transcribe Audio: Convert audio recordings into written text.
  • Transcribe Video: Extract text from video content for various applications.
  • Translate Video: Translate video subtitles into different languages to reach diverse audiences.
  • Export Video to YouTube: Seamlessly export videos with subtitles directly to YouTube.
  • Add subtitles to video: Enhance videos with synchronized captions for better viewer engagement.
  • Export captions: Download subtitles in various formats for flexible use.
  • Customize subtitle font: Personalize the appearance of subtitles to suit different styles and preferences.


Auris AI Pricing:

Auris AI Pricing


Solution Offers:

  • Enterprise: Ideal for businesses requiring accurate transcription and subtitle services.
  • Creators: Content creators can enhance their videos by using “subtitles” for broader audience reach.
  • Education: Tailored solutions for educational institutions and online learning platforms to improve the accessibility of audiovisual content.



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