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Avanzai is a platform that allows you to create artificial financial data that closely matches real financial information. This data can be used to improve financial forecasting models, clean and enhance existing datasets, and streamline back-office operations.

Key Features:

The main purpose of Avanz AI is to provide financial professionals with a tool to generate synthetic data that can be used for:

  • LLM Fine-Tuning: Utilize synthetic financial data to fine-tune Large Language Models (LLMs) for more accurate financial forecasting and analysis. Accessible via an API or Python SDK.
  • Back Office Data Curation: Harness Avanzai’s API for back-office data curation, ensuring seamless communication with any large language model (LLM), whether proprietary or vendor-supplied. Integration via API or Python SDK.
  • Data Cleaning and Fixing: Employ synthetic data for cleaning and enhancing existing financial datasets, ensuring data quality and reliability. Easily Integration via an API or Python SDK.

How It Works:

  • Start With Your Data: Avanzai leverages your uploaded reference dataset to tailor the model, ensuring the synthetic data generated aligns precisely with your data requirements.
  • Factor Driven Model: The model is pre-trained on a diverse range of financial data, including news, macroeconomic events, and sector-level trends, covering over 30 years. This robust foundation ensures the generation of data that reflects complex financial realities.
  • Financial Data Correction: Personalize the data generation process by assigning weights to different financial factors during the model’s training phase.


Use Cases:

  • Financial Forecasting: Use synthetic data to fine-tune LLMs for accurate financial forecasting, aiding investment decisions and risk management.
  • Back Office Operations: Streamline back-office data curation processes by integrating Avanzai’s API, ensuring data quality and compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Model Validation: Validate financial models by comparing outputs with synthetic data generated by Avanzai, ensuring model accuracy and reliability.


Avanzai is an innovative tool that specializes in providing synthetic data solutions for financial analysis. They use advanced AI technologies and a robust training process to offer customized and precise datasets for various applications.

You can improve financial analysis and model precision and simplify back-office operations.


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