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Pinescript Wizard AI is the AI-powered ChatGPT PineScript strategy code generator. It helps you generate optimized Pine Script strategy and indicator codes for the TradingView platform.

Create TradingView strategies or indicators using AI easily by entering a description of the strategy, rules, indicators, and parameters.

Key Features:

  • Text-Based Input: You can provide clear instructions in text format to describe the kind of Pine Script code you need.
  • AI Code Generation: You can let the PineScript AI generate optimized and accurate Pine Script code tailored to your requirements.
  • Error Correction: If errors occur during code compilation on TradingView, you can paste the error back into the chat, and the AI will fix it.

How It Works:

  • Input Description: Start by writing or describing the type of Pine Script code you need, specifying details such as trading system type, preferred indicators, trading rules, and risk management parameters.
  • AI Code Generation: Upon submitting the description, let the AI generate the optimized Pine Script code for your TradingView strategy or indicator.
  • Code Integration: Copy and paste the generated code into the Pine Editor on TradingView, where you can save and compile the script.


Instructions for Adding Custom Strategy

  • Open Pine Script Editor: Access the Pine Script editor in TradingView by clicking on the “Pine Editor” tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • Write or Paste Code: Write your PineScript strategy code or paste a pre-written code into the editor, ensuring it starts with //@version=4 or //@version=5.
  • Save the Script: Click the “Save” icon to save your script with a descriptive name for easy reference.
  • Add to Chart: Apply your strategy to the chart by clicking the “Add to Chart” button in the Pine Editor. 


Use Cases:

  • Easy Strategy Creation: Describe your trading idea, and let the AI quickly generate optimized Pine Script code.
  • Smooth Implementation: Copy and paste the code into TradingView. The AI will identify errors and resolve them.
  • Customized Strategies: Tailor strategies to your preferences, from trend-following to breakout systems.
  • Instant Chart Integration: Apply your strategy to charts on TradingView instantly for visualization.
  • Personalized Settings: Adjust indicators and rules within TradingView to optimize your strategy.


Pinescript Wizard AI simplifies the process of creating custom Pine Script strategies and indicators for TradingView, offering traders a convenient and efficient solution for optimizing their trading systems. You can generate optimized Pine Script code for your specific trading preferences using this AI.


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