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Belva AI is an innovative Phone Calling Assistant tool that simplifies communication by making outbound calls and automating conversations.

Belva AI can help you make appointments, handle customer issues, order food, or check account balances. It can handle almost everything related to phone calling tasks, so you don’t want to make it.

Key Features:

  • AI Assistants: Belva’s Envoys are AI assistants that can handle tasks like appointments and customer inquiries for you.
  • Live Call Transcripts: You can see written versions of your calls in real time, so you know what’s happening even if you’re not on the phone.
  • Task Delegation: Tell the AI what you need, like ordering food or checking with a friend, and the AI will make the call for you.

How It Works:

Belva AI makes phone tasks easier by letting you tell the AI what you need. The AI then makes the calls, and you can see what’s happening through live transcripts or later.


Use Cases:

  • Appointment Help: This is a good option for those who need to book appointments without spending time on the phone.
  • Customer Service: Businesses can use Belva AI to handle customer calls and use their staff for productive work.
  • Personal Tasks: Use the service for tasks like ordering food or making plans with friends, saving time and hassle.


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