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Boords is a modern Storyboard AI Generator Tool that helps video professionals create client-ready storyboards quickly. Boords AI enhances your creative process without replacing it and allows you to make more projects and your best work.

The platform centralizes all feedback and approvals in one place, simplifying communication between creatives and clients.


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Key Features:

  • Craft Unique Characters:¬†Generate custom AI characters for consistency across storyboard scenes.
  • Bring Scenes to Life:¬†Describe scenes and let AI create expressive, character-driven images that match your vision.
  • Unlimited Variations:¬†Create multiple variations of each scene with slight changes in expressions, poses, and composition.
  • Fast Pre-Production:¬†Boords streamlines your pre-production process and allows you to focus on creativity.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface:¬†The drag-and-drop interface, script generation, and stock library make storyboarding user-friendly.
  • Centralized Communication:¬†Manage communication with clients and team members with comments, approvals, and real-time updates.

How It Works:

  • Create a New Project:¬†Start by creating a new storyboard project on Boords.
  • Generate Characters:¬†Use the AI to generate custom characters for your storyboard scenes.
  • Design Scenes:¬†Describe each scene, and the AI will create character-driven images that match your descriptions.
  • Customize Variations:¬†Quickly produce multiple variations of each scene with different expressions and poses.
  • Manage Feedback:¬†Centralize team and client communication with real-time updates, comments, and approvals.


(Use Coupon “BOORDS20 on Checkout for an exclusive 20% discount)

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Use Cases:

  • Grow Studio:¬†Expand your pre-production capacity to handle more projects and grow your studio.
  • Producers:¬†Optimize your pre-production process for happier creatives and clients.
  • Creatives:¬†Speed up storyboarding to maximize your hourly rate.
  • Filmmakers:¬†Begin shooting your film faster with user-friendly software.
  • Students:¬†Complete storyboarding projects in a fraction of the time.


Boords offers video professionals an efficient and modern approach to storyboarding. Streamline your pre-production process, enhance communication, and maximize your creativity with Boords. Whether you’re a filmmaker, producer, creative, or student, this tools helps you create client-ready storyboards 10x faster.



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