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Hidden Door is revolutionizing the Storytelling game experience with its innovative approach, leveraging a proprietary generative AI platform.

This platform has the capability to adapt any existing work of fiction into an engaging online social roleplaying game.

Key Features:

  • Immersive Story Adaptation: Collaborate with storytellers globally to create fan-focused story experiences across various genres.
  • Intersection of AI and Gaming: Positioned at the intersection of AI and gaming, It offers a unique blend of technology and storytelling.
  • Diverse Adventures: Embark on a range of adventures, from thrilling and mysterious to romantic or unconventional, within beloved fictional worlds.
  • Expansive Content: Explore renowned narratives like “The Wizard of Oz” and “Pride & Prejudice” during the closed alpha phase, with more iconic worlds planned.
  • Comprehensive Experience: It provides all essentials for immersive roleplaying, including worlds, tropes, mechanics, cards, visuals, and a dynamic narrator.

How It Works:

It utilizes its proprietary generative AI platform to analyze and adapt existing works of fiction into interactive social roleplaying games.

Collaborating with storytellers, the platform crafts engaging narratives, characters, and gameplay elements to offer players a truly immersive experience.

Use Cases:

  • Fan-Centric Storytelling: Engage fans of various literary works by transforming their favorite stories into interactive gaming experiences.
  • Social Roleplaying: Encourage social interaction and collaboration among players as they navigate and shape the course of the narrative together.
  • Educational Gaming: Utilize adapted fictional works as educational tools to promote literacy, critical thinking, and creativity among players.
  • Community Building: Foster a community of storytellers, gamers, and enthusiasts who share a passion for immersive storytelling and gaming experiences.


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