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Code-GPT, is an extension for Virtual Studio Code that transforms your coding experience by providing instant explanations for your code directly within the editor using AI.

With Code GPT, you can effortlessly:-

  • Boost your coding knowledge and efficiency.
  • Get real time explanations for selected code.
  • Save time while coding with clear code explanations.
  • Improve your coding skills through in depth code analysis.

Use Procedures of Code-GPT:

  • Select the code you want to understand in your VSCode editor.
  • Open the Command Palette (press Ctrl + Shift + P or Cmd + Shift + P on Mac).
  • Type “Explain Selected Code” and select the command from the list.
  • Enter email address if prompted.
  • Wait for the response, and the explanation will be prepended to the selected code in your VSCode editor.


Get the instant and comprehensive code explanations with Code-GPT.

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Trend AI Tools

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