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codesnippets, is a powerful AI tool to create code snippets library, it’s features such as code generation, code refactoring, and code debugging with just a click.

code snippets allows you to Manage, visualize, and optimize your code with ease. it’s like having a sidekick in your VSCode, speed up your coding by 10X.


  • Effortless Coding: Chat with AI models in VS Code to seamless Generate code.
  • Speed Boost: Code up to 10x faster with Code Snippets AI, spending less time debugging.
  • Snippet Storage: Store and fetch snippets easily, keeping your code organized and accessible.
  • Efficiency: Save code directly from your IDE to your library with the VSCode extension.
  • Organization: Search snippets by language, name, or folder, and create your own structure.
  • AI Assistance: Generate functions and snippets with AI, perfect for boilerplate or repetitive tasks.
  • Performance Boost: Identify code bottlenecks, and let AI suggest optimizations for enhanced productivity.
  • Privacy Assurance: This tool promise that they never share or use users data for AI training.

Tailored for Teams:

  • Ideal for teams sharing company or codebase-specific code snippets.
  • Platform tailored to the needs of developers working collaboratively.


Codesnippets Pricing Page

Boost your productivity, reduce frustration, and let codesnippets be your coding companion!

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