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Decktopus AI, is the world’s #1 AI-Powered Presentation Generator, Create Presentation easily with one-click design, auto-created decks, and auto-adjusted layouts.

Whether you’re a sales professional, marketing manager, account executive, founder, or part of an agency, It caters to your needs with a range of powerful features.

Key Features:

  • One-Click Design: Easily customize your presentations with a diverse selection of themes, fonts, and colors with just one click.
  • Auto-Created Deck: Provide Decktopus with a topic, and it will generate a fully prepared presentation, saving you time and effort.
  • Auto-Adjusted Layouts: Bid farewell to manual resizing and rearranging of elements as Decktopus ensures layouts are automatically adjusted for optimal visual appeal.
  • Image & Icon Finder: Save time searching for images and icons. Let Decktopus do the work for you with a simple click.
  • Slide Notes Maker: Tailored slide notes make it easy to articulate your message, ensuring you never struggle for words.
  • Get More Slide Content: Decktopus goes the extra mile by providing additional talking points to enrich your presentation.

Other Built-In Tools:

  • Forms: Collect real-time information and feedback from your audience seamlessly.
  • Voice Recorder: Add a personal touch to your presentations with audio narration.
  • Custom Domain: Connect your custom domain for a personalized brand experience.
  • Webhook: Automate actions and streamline workflows through webhook integration.
  • Embed URLs and Videos: Enhance your presentations with multimedia elements.
  • Easy Update: Effortlessly update your content without changing the share link.

Can be Used by:

  • Sales Professionals: Craft compelling presentations to engage and convert leads.
  • Marketing Managers: Design visually appealing presentations for effective communication.
  • Account Executives: Streamline your presentation creation process for client interactions.
  • Founders, Agencies, Vocal Decks: Decktopus adapts to various roles, ensuring dynamic and powerful presentations for every user.



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