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Free Trial revolutionizes Sales and Marketing Presentations with its AI-native research and presentation platform. Tome app uses advanced AI to simplify the sales process, automate research, and personalize presentations. With powerful features such as layout automation, engagement analytics, and generative presentations, helps teams Create Presentations Easily.

Key Features:

  • AI Template Fill: Automate sales research and deck personalization to expedite the sales process and instantly personalize decks. 
  • Data Sources Integration: Leverage internal and external data sources, including Gong calls and Salesforce data, to automate manual work and enhance presentation content.
  • Viewer Analytics: Gain insights into viewer engagement and behaviour with page and viewer-level data, enabling teams to identify what’s working and optimize presentations accordingly.
  • Easy Link Sharing: Share presentations with prospects so they can view them directly in a mobile.
  • Mobile-Responsive Design: Ensure presentations look great on any device with Tome’s mobile-responsive layout system.

How It Works:

  • Layout Automation: Create effective designs with intelligent and flexible design system, ensuring consistent quality across presentations.
  • Generative Presentations: Generate multimedia first drafts of presentations with detailed prompts, fine-tuning outputs page by page or generating entire outlines.
  • Interactive Embeds: Enhance presentations with interactive elements such as Figma files, YouTube videos, and live dashboards, making storytelling more engaging.
  • AI Text Generation: Quickly generate and edit text with AI, making small tweaks or big updates.
  • AI Personalization: Personalize key materials using AI to match specific audience preferences.


Use Cases:

  • Sales Presentations: Automate research and personalize presentations to impress clients and close the deals.
  • Marketing Campaigns: Create presentations for marketing campaigns, incorporating multimedia elements and personalized content.
  • Internal Communications: Simplify internal communications with visually appealing presentations that convey key messages effectively. is the best tool for presenting workflows and boosting corporate success with its simple design, powerful features, and easy connection. Tome AI is the future of sales and marketing presentations. 


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