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FakeYou uses Deepfake technology that allows you to generate audio and videos of your favourite characters saying anything you want. Explore the world of AI Music, Text-to-Speech, and voice-to-voice transformations with this innovative tool.

Key Features:

  • Text to Speech: Effortlessly convert written text into audio with our advanced Text to Speech feature.
  • Voice to Voice (BETA): Speak in another voice using its Voice to Voice functionality.
  • Voice Designer: Craft your personalized AI voice using the voice designer tool that adds a unique touch to your creations.
  • Face Animator: Bring faces to life by animating them with synchronized audio and creating videos.

More AI Tools:

  • Text to Speech
  • Voice to Voice
  • Face Animator
  • Voice Designer
  • Text to Image


FakeYou Pricing:

FakeYou Pricing


Use Cases:

  • Content Creation: Fake You is a valuable tool for writers who want to add a range of voices and personalities to their work.
  • Voice Transformation: Transform text to speech or experiment with voice-to-voice using FakeYou AI.
  • Personalized AI Voice: Create a unique AI voice that reflects your style and enhances the originality of your content.
  • Dynamic Face Animation: Use Face Animator to synchronize facial expressions with audio and create lifelike videos.


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