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Fibery AI offers an innovative way to build your own work and knowledge hub that provides an easy integration of tasks, documents, and data all in one place. If you’ve outgrown traditional tools like Jira, Notion, Airtable, and ClickUp, Fibery AI is the solution that simplifies your work routine by using one tool for all purposes.

Key Features:

  • Connectivity: Easily connect structured data (such as tables and Kanban boards) with unstructured data (such as documents), ensuring that you always stay in context and have a comprehensive view of your work.
  • Flexibility: Customize workflows and terminologies to fit your specific needs, avoiding the constraints imposed by predefined workflows and terminology in other tools.
  • Insight Extraction: Extract insights from all types of data with robust charts and reports, filling the gap left by weak reporting features in other work management tools.

How It Helps You:

  • Product Managers: Stay on top of the “Why are we building that?” type of questions by easily tracking and managing requirements, features, and priorities.
  • Founders: Break down departmental silos, bridge the gap between strategy and execution, and validate ideas while efficiently managing resources and tasks.
  • Operations: Build processes tailored to your company’s unique workflow, ensuring efficiency and alignment across teams.
  • Software Engineering: Collaborate on backlogs, sprints, releases, and development wiki—all in one place, simplifying project management and communication.


Solution offers:

  • Product Management: Aggregate customer feedback, link feedback to features, prioritize effectively, and foster collaboration in inventing new ideas.
  • Software Development: Collaborate on all aspects of software development—from backlogs to releases—in a single platform, reducing the need for multiple tools.
  • Digital Agency: Manage internal and client work, track multiple projects, store customer CRM data, and manage finances from all in one place.
  • Startup: Set strategy, connect it to execution, validate ideas, research the market, and maintain focus while discovering new insights.


Fibery AI allows teams and organizations to simplify their workflows, enhance collaboration, and unlock valuable insights, ultimately driving greater efficiency and success.


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