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Fillout Quiz maker

Fillout Quiz Maker, is an AI-powered tool which allows you to create quizzes in just 60 seconds, you can generate quizzes text between 350 and 5000 characters long.

After creation, click on ‘View quiz’ to add more questions, change the design, and collect responses, Fillout generates a public link for your quiz, making it shareable with anyone.


Key Features:

  • Easy Quiz Creation: Build quizzes in just 60 seconds with it AI and speedy quiz making process.
  • Text to Quiz Generate: Transform text to quizzes, be it excerpts from Wikipedia or other content, into an engaging interactive quiz.
  • Easy Editing and Customization: Alter the quiz’s design, add more questions, and make adjustments effortlessly using the ‘View quiz’ feature.
  • Ideal Text Length: Generate quizzes from text between 350 and 5000 characters, providing flexibility and customization options.
  • Public Link Sharing: Fillout generates a public link for your quiz, enabling easy sharing with a broad audience.

Use Cases:

  • Students: Students and educators can convert educational content into quizzes for effective learning.
  • Workshops: Workshop organizers create interactive quizzes on-the-fly with Fillout, enhancing audience engagement during sessions.
  • Effortless Training Assessments: Example: Training programs use Fillout to swiftly assess participants’ knowledge through easily generated quizzes.
  • Online Quizzes: Online communities uses to turn interesting content into fun and informative quizzes for their members.
  • Review for Readers: Bloggers and writers use it to provide readers with an interactive quiz experience, enhancing content engagement.


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