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Glimpse, the AI browser extension, it interacts with any website using Glimpse Chat, extract answers about the topics covered on the site.

Accelerate your information retrieval with Glimpse Search, a feature that functions like Google but rapidly scans numerous websites to provide you with direct answers.


  • Glimpse Chat: Engage in conversations with any website using Glimpse Chat, effortlessly obtaining information about the site’s covered topics.
  • Glimpse Search: Access Glimpse Search every time you open a new browser tab. Similar to Google, it swiftly scans multiple websites, get instant and direct answers.
  • Effortless Integration: Enhance your browsing experience with Glimpse, a free browser extension designed to streamline your work processes.

Use Cases:

  • Content Discovery: Use Glimpse Chat to discover and retrieve relevant content from websites, ensuring efficient content discovery.
  • Writing Assistance: Enhance content creation process with intelligent suggestions.
  • Content Summarize: Summarize lengthy content, making it easier to grasp key information quickly.
  • Content Editing: Seamlessly edit content with the assistance of Glimpse.
  • Ad-Blocking: Enjoy an ad-free browsing experience with Glimpse, enhancing focus and reducing distractions during work.



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Trend AI Tools

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