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Humata is a powerful tool that Quickly Summarize lengthy papers. It reads and understands the content of your documents and provides answers based on the files you upload. You can ask questions and benefit from quick insights and detailed summaries.

It can quickly generate responses while citing relevant sections from your documents, making it an efficient way to access information without reading through entire files.

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Key Features:

  • Chat through Documents: Chat your way through lengthy documents with the help of Humata. Command the AI to summarize information, compare documents, and search for specific answers.
  • Unlimited Files: Upload as many files as you need, regardless of file size. There are no limits on the number of documents you can work with.
  • Unlimited Questions: Ask unlimited questions for summaries, comparisons, or specific answers.
  • Highlights Citations: Humata provides answers with citations so you can check the original source in your documents.
  • Embeds in Any Webpage: Integrate Humata AI directly into your webpage with a single click to provide quick answers for your users based on your documents.
  • Enterprise-Grade Security: Humata keeps your documents secure with encrypted data rooms and role-based security to ensure only authorized team members can access your documents.
  • Single Sign-On: Secure your team’s access with SSO functionality (coming soon) using Okta, Google, or SAML.
  • Encrypted File Protection: Employ enterprise-grade 256-bit SHA encryption for file security.


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How It Works:

Simply upload your documents to Humata and start asking questions. The AI will read the documents and provide you with answers, summaries, comparisons, and more, all while citing the original sources. You can refine your questions until you receive the answers you need.


Use Cases:

  • Research and Summarization: Quickly skim through long technical papers or documents by asking Humata for summaries or specific findings.
  • Document Analysis: Compare different documents and gather insights by asking targeted questions.
  • Website Integration: Embed Humata’s AI into your webpage to provide users with answers based on your documents.
  • Team Collaboration: Use the shared team files and role-based security to keep everyone on the same page while ensuring document safety and security.


Humata streamlines the process of reading and analyzing documents by providing quick, AI-driven answers and summaries. Its enterprise-grade security and ability to embed AI in any webpage make it a valuable tool for businesses and teams.



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