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imgUpscaler is a smart Image Upscaling and Enhancement Tool that enhances the quality of jpg and png images through a batch processing system. Leveraging the Super-Resolution technology, Img Upscaler provides fast and efficient upscaling in a few seconds.

Additionally, it integrates powerful image editing tools for cropping, filters, fine-tuning, annotations, stickers, and frames, both before and after the upscaling process. The service is free for commercial use, with no hidden payments. With img.Upscaler, you can increase image resolution by up to 200% or 400%.

The platform also optimizes its upscaling algorithm for anime and cartoon pictures and delivers superior results compared to competitors like ImgLarger and Waifu2x, making it a good choice for enhancing anime and cartoon photos to 4k resolution.

Key Features:

  • Latest AI Technology: imgUpscaler AI utilizes Super-Resolution technology for fast and efficient image upscaling.
  • Batch Processing: You can upscale multiple images simultaneously, making it easier to manage large image datasets.
  • Privacy Protection: Uploaded photos are cleared within 24 hours to ensure user privacy and data security.
  • Powerful Image Editor: Integrated image editing tools allow you to enhance images with cropping, filters, annotations, and more.
  • Free for Commercial Use: The service is free for commercial purposes, providing a cost-effective solution for image enhancement.
  • Resolution Increase: imgUpscaler allows you to increase image resolution by up to 200% or 400%, enhancing image quality for various applications.
  • Optimized Algorithm: The upscaling algorithm is optimized for anime and cartoon pictures and delivers superior results compared to competitors.

Use Cases:

  • Professional Photography: Photographers can use this AI to enhance the resolution and quality of their images before printing or showcasing them.
  • E-commerce: Online retailers can upscale product images to improve visual appeal and attract more customers.
  • Graphic Design: Graphic designers can enhance the quality of graphics and illustrations for various design projects.
  • Social Media: Content creators can improve the quality of images shared on social media platforms to increase engagement.


imgUpscaler is the go-to choice for individuals and businesses looking to elevate their images to the next level. It offers a powerful solution for image upscaling and enhancement, leveraging the latest AI technology to deliver fast and high-quality results with its batch processing capabilities, privacy protection, and optimized algorithm for anime and cartoon pictures.


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