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KeyMate AI, is a versatile tool that allows you to write and build upon AI with knowledge, It is your personal repository, enabling training with your conversations and files, tailoring Key Mate AI to meet your unique needs.

With direct access to the web through the Official Google API, KeyMate utilizes the Ultimate Web App, supercharged with 10x Parallel Search powered by the robust 128K GPT-4.


  • Web App Integration: Access the web directly through the Official Google API, enhanced with the Ultimate Web App’s 10x Parallel Search feature driven by the powerful 128K GPT-4.
  • Comprehensive Knowledge: From academic research to market reports, it’s 128K GPT-4 remembers your conversations, and understands your needs and requirements (Exclusive to Ultimate Web App).
  • Independence: Enjoy access to GPT-4 even without a ChatGPT Plus account, providing independent and seamless functionality.
  • Advanced AI Usage: Utilize the unique GPT-4 128K for advanced AI capabilities, setting KeyMate apart from ChatGPT Plus, which employs the 32K variant.
  • Accurate Information Retrieval: Retrieve detailed ~50,000-word long paragraphs from the internet for your queries, ensuring accurate and in-depth information.
  • 10X Efficiency: Enhance productivity with KeyMate’s Parallel Search, fetching 10 Google result pages simultaneously for swift and efficient information retrieval.
  • Personalized Knowledge Base: Train KeyMate’s knowledge base with your conversations and PDFs, personalizing its understanding and responses according to your preferences.

Keymate AI Search For ChatGPT is featured as one of the top 16 popular plugins in the ChatGPT store.



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