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LocalFalcon, is the ultimate tool for local rank tracker, provides the most accurate insights into local search rankings worldwide with an intuitive geo-grid map format.

It offers a bird’s-eye view of local SEO performance, making it the must use tool for businesses targeting local audiences.

Key Features:

  • Geo-Grid Map Format: Provides local search rankings in an easy-to-understand geo-grid map format, offering a comprehensive view of your business’s local presence.
  • Share of Local Voice (SoLV) Metric: Measure your local SEO success with the SoLV metric, indicating how frequently your listing appears in the Google Map Pack within a given scan radius.
  • Easy Rank Tracking: Simplify local SEO management by inputting your locations, keywords, and scan settings, allowing Local Falcon to gather valuable insights for you.
  • Versatility for All Industries: A versatile, multi-faceted local rank tracking tool suitable for businesses of all sizes, and can be easily adopted for various industries.
  • Crucial Insights for Local SEO: Gain essential information to improve local ranking and track competitors, ensuring your business stays visible and competitive in local search results.

Why Local SEO Matters:

Understanding, tracking, and optimizing local SEO is not just beneficial, it’s essential for your business’s long-term success.

Local SEO focuses on increasing visibility in local search results, requiring unique activities like optimizing your Google Business Profile, garnering reviews, and building local citations.


Recent Updates:

  • Campaigns (Group Locations) with Falcon AI
  • Looker Studio Integration
  • Keyword Suggestions with estimated impressions
  • Enrichment Tool & Bulk Place ID Lookup
  • API Playground and Zapier Integration
  • Google Business Profile Integration (Import Locations)
  • White Label Features and Heatmaps
  • Side by Side Comparisons and Easy-to-Understand Customized Reporting.


Local Falcon is a must use tool for local SEO, providing businesses with accurate insights, helps to improve local SEO with comprehensive reporting features.


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