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Locofy is an AI Code Assistant that helps you improve frontend development by converting design files into fully functional frontend code. Whether you’re engaged in web or mobile development, Locofy AI integrates with leading design tools, translating visual designs directly into deployable code. is available in free beta right now. The free trial can be extended every 3 weeks by giving them feedback via feedback form or by booking a feedback call.

Key Features of Locofy:

  • Design-to-Code conversion: Convert designs from popular platforms like Figma and Adobe XD into functional code with Locofy AI.
  • Multiple Framework Support: Export lines of code to React, React Native, HTML/CSS, Gatsby, Next.js, and Vue, and anticipate more frameworks on the horizon.
  • Clean and DRY Codebase: Build with LocoAI to ensure a clean and DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) codebase, enhancing efficiency.
  • GitHub Integration: Directly sync your projects and components to GitHub for seamless version control and collaborative development.
  • Backend Services Integration: Easily connect with backend services, streamlining full-stack development and ensuring smooth integration.

Use Cases:

  • accelerates product development cycles by swiftly translating design files into deployable frontend code.
  • Ideal for developers and designers seeking to optimize their workflow, Locofy AI simplifies the transition from design to functional code.
  • With support for various frameworks, it caters to developers working across different platforms, ensuring flexibility in code export.
  • The tool aids in maintaining a clean and DRY codebase, promoting efficiency in ongoing development and reducing redundancy.
  • By facilitating easy connection with backend services, Locofy AI streamlines the full-stack development process.


Overall, Locofy AI is the best option for developers and designers to streamline their frontend development workflow, allowing faster and more efficient product development through the translation of design concepts into functional code.


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