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Magick, is a low-code, no-code AI platform designed to simplify the process to Create AI Applications for developers and non-developers.

The platform has user-friendly visual builder interface, pre-made templates, access to multiple machine learning (ML) providers, and the capability to deploy AI components seamlessly across various services.


  • Pre-Made Templates: Boost your development process with pre-made templates, providing a solid foundation to build AI applications.
  • User-Friendly Visual Builder: Utilize a user-friendly visual builder interface for a seamless application development experience.
  • Multiple ML Providers: Access a variety of machine learning providers to enhance the capabilities of your AI applications.
  • Cross-Service Deployment: Deploy AI components effortlessly across multiple services, ensuring flexibility and scalability.
  • Simplify App Creation: Build application using it’s advanced AI without coding.

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Trend AI Tools

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