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Maia is the world’s first AI friend for couples, offering a unique blend of date planning, relationship advice, and interactive chat functionalities.

Whether you’re seeking exciting date ideas, personalized advice, or ways to strengthen your relationship, Maia is here to help you.


  • Date, Advice, Chat for Couples: Maia serves as a multifaceted AI companion, assisting couples for dating, relationship advice, and interactive chat experiences.
  • Personalized to You: Maia AI learns from your interests, relationship dynamics, and even your arguments, the AI delivers tailored advice for your relationship.
  • Solve Real Issues: Seek private advice from Maia in solo chat or engage in group chat sessions to address conflicts together, providing real solutions to relationship challenges.
  • New Ways to Connect: Share your relationship stories, play interactive games, and ask Maia for creative date ideas, introducing fresh and engaging ways to connect with your partner.
  • Don’t Forget Special Days: Maia is your reliable memory bank, ensuring you never miss important occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, celebrate each other’s milestones.
  • Exclusively on iOS: It is available exclusively on iOS, offering a seamless and user-friendly experience.

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