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Multytude, is an AI-powered tool for content creator to generate video ideas, write scripts, identify potential brand partners and more, It is your channel AI coach.

Multytude helps you uncover a plethora of content ideas based on the comments, ensuring a continuous stream of fresh concepts.

Key Features:

  • Endless Content Ideas:  Uncover a multitude of content ideas based on your comments, Save your favorites to your Content Scrapbook for a constant source of inspiration.
  • Optimized Metadata: Choose your platform and let the AI automatically generate optimized titles, descriptions, and more, tailored to your content and ideas you love.
  • Unlock a New Revenue Stream: Earn income effortlessly by engaging with your audience, No promotional or selling pressure, receive invitations based on your potential to spark engaging conversations, all conveniently accessible in your dashboard.
  • Real-time Live Chat Analysis: Boost engagement and collect invaluable fan feedback in real time with Multytude’s advanced tool.

How Viddy, Enhances Your Experience:

  • Generate Content Effortless: Generate video ideas, write scripts, and identify brand partners effortlessly, all in less than a minute.
  • Optimized Metadata Tailoring: Automatically receive optimized titles, descriptions, and more, tailored to your chosen platform and content ideas.
  • New Revenue Stream Opportunities: Earn income by engaging with your audience, with invitations based on your potential to spark engaging conversations.
  • Real-time Live Chat Analysis: Stay engaged with your audience during live streams, collecting valuable feedback in real time with Multytude AI advanced chat analysis tool.


Multytude, powered by Viddy, is not only an AI coach but a comprehensive solution for efficient content creation, metadata optimization, revenue opportunities, and real-time engagement analysis.

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