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Noah AI

Noah AI, is your AI work assistant seamlessly integrated with Google Drive, Notion, and more.

Noah is designed to assist with a variety of tasks, from question answers to summarize content and draft emails, making it a versatile tool for various work-related activities.

Key Features:

  • Integration Tools: Noah AI seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like Google Drive and Notion, enhancing your workflow by providing easy access to your files.
  • Task Versatility: Ask Noah to perform tasks from answering queries to summarize content and create emails.
  • Security Measures: Tavrn employs best industry practices to safeguard your data.
  • SOC 2 Compliance: Data centers in the US adhere to SOC 2 compliance standards, meeting robust criteria for security.
  • Data Encryption: All data, both at rest and in transit, is encrypted, guaranteeing the protection.


Enterprise-Ready Security and Compliance: Tavrn, the platform hosting Noah AI, prioritizes enterprise-level security and compliance.

Use Cases:

  • Question Answering: Utilize Noah’s capabilities to answer questions, streamlining the process for accurate information on various topics.
  • Email Writing: Assist to draft email, ensuring clear and concise communication.
  • Task Automation: Leverage Noah for task automation, allowing it to handle routine tasks.
  • Enhanced Workflow Integration: Integrate it into your daily workflow, seamlessly connecting with Google Drive, Notion, and other tools.
  • Create Documents: Utilize for drafting and managing confidential documents.


In summary, Noah AI by Tavrn is a reliable AI work assistant, integrated with essential productivity tools and prioritizing top-tier security and compliance measures for users in enterprise settings.

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