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The AI Paraphrasing Tool, is all in one writing platform for writers, a comprehensive solution offering 8 predefined modes, including free, creative, and academic modes, along with customizable tones.

These modes empower users to tailor the tool to specific writing needs, be it academic, professional, or creative, ensuring improved clarity and flow.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Modes: Choose from 8 predefined modes, catering to free, creative, academic, and customizable tones for personalized writing experiences.
  • Customizable Tones: Express your messages in a more personalized manner by selecting from tones like “professional,” “witty,” “formal,” and “informal.”
  • Paraphrase Recorded Audio: Rephrase recorded words with the AI-powered features extract text from audio, converting it to written text, and then proceeding with paraphrasing.
  • Real-Time Rephrasing: Utilize this feature to real time rephrase using the “speech to text” option.
  • Paraphrasing Text in Screenshots: Upload text screenshots or images for rewriting with just one click.
  • AI-Powered Thesaurus: Select suitable synonyms from the AI-powered thesaurus to maintain the original meaning of sentences, enhancing writing precision.
  • Word Definitions and Usage: Double-click on any word in the output box to access detailed word definitions and usage in sentences, promoting better understanding while paraphrasing.
  • AI-Powered Search Engine: Leverage the built in research panel to find references online, read summaries, enriching writing process, and preview articles.

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