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Perplexity, is a Chrome browser, also instant knowledge companion powered by ChatGPT and Google.

Forget about multiple browser tabs—Perplexity simplifies your browsing experience by providing instant page summaries, quick answers to your questions, and dynamic conversations right from your toolbar.

Key Features of Perplexity:

  • Instant Page Summaries: Make sense of any article or webpage instantly with concise and informative summaries.
  • Quick Queries from Toolbar: Ask any question directly from your toolbar without the need to jump between tabs.
  • Contextual Understanding: Receive answers relevant to your current page or domain, enhancing your browsing experience.
  • Shareable Insights: Easily share your newfound knowledge with a clickable link, spreading insights effortlessly.
  • Dynamic Conversations: Engage in dynamic conversations by clicking to ask follow-up questions for deeper understanding.

Overall, Perplexity is your go-to solution for simplified browsing, instant knowledge, and dynamic conversations.


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Trend AI Tools

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